Boxwood Joggers 6-16 - PRINTED PATTERN

Boxwood Joggers 6-16 - PRINTED PATTERN

The Boxwood Joggers are the best jogger pattern you’ll own! Perfect for your trendy older kid, or your wee one looking for a comfortable pant, they’ll find it here. Suited for boys and girls alike, this is the quintessential unisex pattern!

Available in shorts, capris, or long pant options, there’s a length that’s perfect for every season! So go on, sew up a wardrobe full of joggers, your kid, and their legs, will thank you!

This pattern features 37 pages of colour photos and detailed instructions for sewists of all skill levels. 9 sizes are included, from 6 to 16. (Instructions will be sent via email or printed and posted for a small fee)

This pattern will be printed and dispatched to you once you have placed your order. It contains the A0 Pattern Pages. You can choose if you want to receive the instructions as an emailed PDF file or for a small additional fee they can be printed for you too.

We conserve paper by printing on both sides of the A4 paper for the instructions.

The Pattern will be dispatched in a Kraft String and Washer Envelope that has the Pattern sticker on the front which is perfect for using to store you pattern in once sewn.

All our Patterns are sent 1st Class Post with Royal Mail.

I’m the youngest of four kids, and my family is freaking amazing. My Dad was in the Army for 30 years so we travelled extensively, often moving every year or two. We spent a good chunk of my life in Germany and I’ll always feel like I’ve got roots there. I attended 9 schools in 12 years, went to three different high schools (two in Germany and we moved back to the States for my very disappointing Senior year), then moved 12 hours away from “home” to go to college. In total I’ve moved 26 times! Moving our entire childhoods allowed my siblings and I to form a bond most don’t have. As we moved from state to state, we had to rely on each other for companionship, entertainment, and support. My sister is also a blogger and you’ll see my reference her in posts. She’s wildly creative and always so willing to help me with anything I need.

When I was little, I was always crafting. My Mom encouraged us to explore our creative sides and by the time I was 8 or 9 I was a cross-stitch master! My Mom began sewing as a young teen and learned from her mother, who learned from her mother. She sewed for us while I was growing up and I often fell asleep to the hum of her machine, her college graduation gift from my Grandparents, and I’d wake up to a new outfit hanging on my closet door. So it was no surprise to her when she found me trying to teach myself how to make buttonholes on her old Singer when I was in high school. I’d sewn teeny little purses for my friends by hand and wanted them to button close. I’m pretty sure I still have mine packed away in a box at Mom and Dads.

I didn’t do much sewing for several years after that. Then my Freshman year of college I decided I wanted to make my friends pajama pants for Christmas gifts. My Mama was so patient with me while she taught me to read the pattern, cut the pieces out, and really use her machine. I went back to school ready to take on the sewing world. It was a few more years before I really picked it up and when I went back for my third year, my Mom gave me that old Singer of hers. Oh how my friends teased me about being an old woman! Not too many folks took sewing machines to college back then. But I was spitting out a steady stream of tote bags and pajama pants until I graduated.

I soon got a “real” job and decided I wanted to sew myself work appropriate dresses. My poor Mom patiently walked me through patterns over the phone when I’d call her in tears. But I pressed forward and had the most adorable summer wardrobe! My coworkers loved the dresses and were always quick with compliments. It was official–I was hooked and started sewing for myself regularly!

When I was pregnant with my oldest I joined a message board of women all due with babies at the same time. They knew I dabbled in sewing and one of the girls asked me to make personalized bibs for a group of the babies that were meeting in person just before their first birthdays. My first paid order! I got in way over my head, but the result was precious–and I discovered a deep, enduring love of applique.

After my second daughter was born, I wanted something more for myself. I loved being their Mama, but I was losing Melissa. So I started blogging as a way to share my creativity and maintain my self-identity. I enjoyed the time I spent pouring myself into a good project and soon discovered my knack for teaching others as well. Six months after I started my blog I auditioned for the online craft competition So You Think You’re Crafty–and I won!

Sew Like My Mom has grown by leaps and bounds since it began and every step of the way I’ve humbled, amazing, and incredibly blessed! In the summer of 2013 I launched my latest endeavor, a line of children’s clothing patterns. I was thrilled to turn that dream into a reality and I’ve got so many more patterns inside my mind and heart, just waiting for their turn to develop into reality.

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